Crystal Armour tempered glass maintenance kit Fusso SmartPhone

Crystal Armour tempered glass maintenance kit Fusso SmartPhone


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Touch panel maker is genuine and have used Pro specifications, the one and only reinforced glass maintenance kit Fussode COAT Fingerprint prevention coating technology employed Krystal armour premium tempered glass with coating Kit Fingerprint coating with smart phones and reinforcement glass film is months and gradually will degrade performance. So when coating Fussode COAT and brought back when new slip, fingerprint prevention effect. Coating is very easy and everyone can do. Spread the paint on glass surface very thank you ( with oil stains, such as, and does not settle ), coating, amount that remains, leave overnight. 8-12 hours between Fusso chemical bond with glass and then form a solid Nano membrane (approximately 10 nm). The coating is colorless, transparent, tempered glass, smart-phone display screen not whatsoever affect. Also, in flammable, non-toxic coating liquid itself and is very safe. In Smartphone for 1 bottles 3 ml for the Tablet PC in 5 ml 1 bottle each 3-can be coated about 4 times, so in one year back and forth can be used. Product contents Fusso SmartPhone 1 bottle オリジナルマイクロファイバークロス 1 piece